Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Step

Yesterday I pulled out a Bible study book I used when I lived in Texas.  The study made a great impact on me and so I have saved the workbook all these years.  I am preparing a new study with one of my Bible students and we have decided to do the same study.  I am excited to share it with her!

Because of time constraints, we won't be able to do the whole workbook cover to cover.  Therefore, I am sort of rewriting a less intense version for us to use for the next few months.

I pulled out my workbook to review and start thinking about the first lesson.  In the back of the book is the covenant we signed with our group as we started the study.  Twenty years ago, today, I signed that covenant!  As I read through the prayer I wrote when we started the study, I see God had been working in my heart to bring the possibility of going to Japan to the front of my mind.  It would still be two years before I left for Japan, but this study helped me find focus in my life and strengthen my faith in Him and His word.

I am looking forward to what God is going to do in my and my student's heart as we study together!

Oh, may my heart be as open as it was the first time I went through the study!

Thanks to being an elementary school teacher, I have school pictures from my adulthood!  This is from my first year of teaching, 23 years ago!

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