Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going back in Time

I was going in some kind of chronological order when I started blogging about Flat Coco.  Then I got distracted by all of my travels and visiting with friends.  It's not that I have forgotten about Flat Coco, I have hundreds of pictures with her.  I have just not taken the time to blog!
Flat Cocoについてブロッグを始まった時、順番でポストにしようと思った。でも、沢山の移動、沢山の友達や親戚に会うことがあって、できなかった。Flat Cocoについて忘れることをしなかったよ!ココちゃんと沢山の写真を写ったけど、まだブロッグを書かなかった。

So, today, I thought we'd have a Flashback Friday and check out some of what happened at the beginning of the summer.

Over Memorial Day weekend I went back to Colorado for a Girls' Weekend with friends I met here.  We had such a great time reconnecting and exploring.

We started the weekend at Compassion International's office where they have all of these amazing bronze statues everywhere.  I loved them!

Then we headed to Garden of the Gods where I got to climb onto and into the rocks!

We were quite hungry after all of that climbing and hiking, but we stopped for a picture before leaving the park.  Then we headed downtown Colorado Springs for some delicious pizza!

The next day found us forming a new band in Manitou Springs before heading up Pike's Peak!

Brenda, Coco, and I were ready for the ride!

We topped off the evening with dinner at Brenda's and origami fun!

We also spent some time at some waterfalls hiking and climbing lots of stairs!

After we dropped Heather and Kelly at the airport, Robyn and I spent some time in downtown Denver where Coco and I played piano on the street!

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Carrie Schlafmann said...

Wonderful recap! Love all those gorgeous outdoor photos!!