Friday, January 25, 2013

The Music Goes On...

On January 19th we hosted another Live Gospel Cafe.  This time our guest was Yoko Matsuoka.  She also invited her friend and protege, Rei Ogasawara.  Maki played keyboard for them and Seki san ran sound.
It was a night filled with Spirit-filled music, inspiring testimonies, and sweet fellowship-and, of course, food!  We also found out that we can get A LOT of people crammed into our church.  During the concert I had to go out into the hall and take a picture through the window to get a picture of the performers!  We are not complaining about the standing room only situation!
Rehearsal-oh, and Flat Stanley is visiting again!

The boys have fun with Stanley

Stanley is getting hungry looking at all the food!

Stanley meets Rei.

A picture through the window

Some of the guests enjoying the music.

Everyone getting into the music

Picture from sitting on the floor in front.

Oh, we forgot to take a group picture with everyone.

Thank you, Jesus, for music!  What a blessing!

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C O C O said...

That day, There are many many people!!
Shan, Yuri, pastor Paul are standing long time.
ごくろうさま。and Thank you (^-^)
We are very blessed.
Thanks for Komyo christ church.
Thanks for GOD !!