Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Fun... at church Part 2

Actually, I guess this should be part one and the post I wrote a couple of days ago should be part two if I were labeling them chronologically. But, I'm labeling them as I write, so this is part 2!

At the end of June we had our third Live Gospel Cafe. The musical guest was Now and Ever, a Gospel group that had been rehearsing at our church once a month. Sadly, after only a year together, they decided to take a break. But, we got to hear them one last time at our Live Gospel Cafe! Several of the ladies are or were members of AGC, the gospel choir I sing with. Their leaders are Manabu and Kyoko Adachi, gospel enthusiasts here in Kansai and friends of mine.

It was fun to hear them sing, have a chance to chat with them a bit, and be reminded of God's love. We already miss hearing their singing voices at church!

Paul played a few songs during intermission

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