Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still Here

As I looked at some of the blogs I have listed over on the side bar I don't feel as bad as I did when I signed on to blogger today. Some of my friends have not posted in an even longer time than I have. I'd love to make up some excuses but since I just preached about not making excuses last Sunday, I'll just move on!

On Monday some friends and I went to see Sabrina, in musical form and in Japanese, put on by an all-women theater troupe. They did an excellent job. It was almost exactly the same as the Audrey/Humphrey version. I took a couple of pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.

The night before the event, Carol stayed with me and we watched the Audrey version while eating popcorn and watermelon and chatting.

Then, the following night Darlene stayed with me. There was more chatting and snacking and general merry-making.

I love getting to hang out with friends who are so encouraging, good listeners, and who love food as much as I do! :) What a blessing to have friends to share life with!

(The picture is from a visit to Darlene's back in May.)


McMGrad89 said...

Oh, am I one of those slackers?? I blame it on school if I am.

Now you have to watch the Harrison Ford version and do three way Venn Diagram to compare/contrast them....Oops, sorry, you can blame that on school, too.

Carrie said...

Sounds like you've been doing some fun stuff - that is great! Can't wait to see the picts of the Japanese 'Sabrina' :)
And yes! It's been sweltering here too! After an unseasonably cool summertime in the US, it actually feels sortof good to me, is that crazy?

Pixie said...

U don´t know me, but I really like your blog, because I love Japan. I just wanted to say it.