Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to School

This week I went back to school. Paul and Melissa were invited to teach the 5th graders at Noah's and Jonah's school about America and they invited me to join them. We had a fun time presenting a power point about America with lots of pictures, teaching an easy conversation and singing a song. There was, of course, also, a time for questions. My favorite question: "Do you eat turtle soup?"

The next day I went to my local elementary school to talk with the foreign language club. I met the teacher of the club at Starbucks a month or so ago. I seem to be meeting lots of interesting people there these days! At the club meeting I showed a few pictures of South Dakota and talked about life in the country. Then the children taught me about Japanese culture. I learned about sushi, origami, how to use the abacus, and how to play Junken (Rock, scissors, paper).

It was great fun to get to share with the children and to hear their questions and chat with them a little. Of course, all of this was in Japanese! Well, at Noah's school, Melissa and I spoke in English and Paul translated, just so they could hear some English!

A few pictures from the two days...
(Sorry they are small, but I don't want to post large pictures of children's faces)

Paul and Melissa answering questions

Shelves at the back of the room for water bottles and backpacks

Lunch! It was really good.

Learning how to use the abacus

Wearing our origami hats

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