Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parking Fun

I live in a crowded country. It is not like South Dakota where everyone has plenty of space to park their several cars. Amazingly, at my condo each unit is allowed a parking spot. My spot is underground and has a height limit of 150cm, 25 cm shorter than I am.

And, how does this underground parking work? Remember those square plastic puzzles we used to do? They had a picture or lines that you had to put together by sliding tiles around until everything was in the right order. That is kind of the way my parking garage works.

In a space where we would park five cars in SD, or maybe less because we would have more space between the cars, in my parking garage, 14 cars are able to park!

I have to back onto my rack, like I am going to get my oil changed, except there is a floor between the tire tracks. But, in order to get my rack, #69, I have to open the control box, put in my key and press #69. Then the fun begins! It depends on who left last as to what happens next, but usually one of the upper racks goes up. Then racks slide to one side or the other and my space is exposed. Finally, my rack climbs up from below the surface and the gate opens. I can now back in or drive out.

I don't have a video of this yet, but here are a couple of pictures of my car emerging from the depths of the garage...

Unfortunately, there the two racks on the right side are empty so you can't see how close together we park, but here is my car emerging.

Here the car has reached the ground level and the gate is going up. In this picture you can see one of the cars which has an upper rack sitting, waiting to be let down.


McMGrad89 said...

Saw it in a movie once. Thanks for the explanation. I will never complain when I have to park at the end of the aisle at HEB

Tim and Susan said...

hmmmm, never have had jasmin tea. The parking garage is wild. Wow.

Glad you are getting settled. Welcome back.