Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recent events, Part 1

I pulled out a title I've already used since I am so far behind. December has been a busy, fun month. I thought I'd do a couple of recap posts just to get caught up. (Although, January is looking even busier so may be slim, too!)

The first weekend of December I spent in Minnesota. Two college friends and I went to a lovely dinner, best ravioli I've ever eaten, and to Bethel University's Festival of Christmas. It was so well done. They asked everyone not to clap until the end, which just about killed me, I wanted to clap more!

The next day Cindy, her sister Cheryl, Bebe, the dog, and I went to a tree farm and picked out a tree. Here is a recap in pictures...

Searching for the perfect tree

We found a good one! It has a hole on the other side, but it is just the perfect size for the dog to run through while she is looking out the window, so we chose this one.

Takes teamwork to cut it down. Cindy did most of the work, Cheryl helped steady the tree, and I just took pictures!

Now to get it home...

Hope you have all had fun preparing for Christmas, too!

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