Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thought from St. Ignatius

I am reading a book about Mother Teresa. It is filled with letters that she wrote to and received from her superiors as she was forming and serving as a Missionary of Charity in India. So much of what I have read has made an impact, but here is a recently read quote. This was written in a letter from Archbishop Perier quoting St. Ignatius.

"My only wish and desire, the one thing I humbly crave to have is the grace to love God, to love Him alone. Beyond that I ask for nothing more."

Oh to live with such a desire!


Lori said...

What sweet devotion.:)
Keep up the God work.

McMGrad89 said...

Wonderful quote. I must say, since I get your blog on my reader and I see you on FB, I haven't gotten around to actually setting virtual foot into your blogspace, so here I am! D'ya miss me? LOL

Well, I am glad you are having such a fruitful and relaxing trip even if you do have to travel so much while back stateside.


Tim and Susan said...

Praying for God's supply for you too! What a way to stretch our faith, huh! But, in the end we will be praising God for all that HE has done!