Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just a thought

I guess I need to keep my computer connected to me at all times. (My mom thinks it is connected to me!) I keep having good ideas for a blog post and then I forget by the time I get a chance to write!

Well, here is one I remember.

On Tuesday I went with my parents to Sioux Falls to listen to my dad speak-he did a great job. I had not signed up for the seminars so while they had lunch and seminars, I went to Bagel Boy for lunch.

As I sat eating my sandwich, which was delicious, and reading my book, I also noticed a group of women having lunch together. It started out with two ladies sitting at a small round table really only big enough for about 3 people. In about 10 minutes' time there were six ladies sitting together talking and laughing and sharing time as they lunched. I didn't really pay attention to what they were saying even though they were loud enough to be heard throughout the restaurant.

Then I noticed another table of women. Three ladies sitting at a table large enough to hold at least 6 people. They were just eating their sandwiches and looking at that spot on the middle of the table where you look when you aren't quite sure what to talk about.

Two tables of women lunching together. Yet what a difference in how they spent their time together! Just something I noticed and found interesting...


Lori said...

Interesting observation. Our attitude makes such a difference in our day...and, oh, how it can affect others.

FYI: In my writer's class, they recommended keeping a notebook and pen handy at all times to jot down ideas--keep one by your bed, in your purse or coat pocket, and wherever you notice these thoughts strike. I have notebooks full of random thoughts that I would have forgotten completely had I not written them down when they came to me.

Enjoy your visit:)

Mommy Missionary said...

Yeah I want to be at the table that is overflowing but full of laughter and friendship.