Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Cold Trip

A week ago I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for our church conference's triennial gathering. It was great fun to see so many people I know from church visits, camp and other triennials, as well as to meet new people. I am thankful for my NAB family and the way God has provided for me through them. I could not be doing what I do without you all!

I rode up to Winnipeg with Bill, Luci, and Becky Lengefeld. We had great driving weather and good conversations-and the SLOWEST service ever in a restaurant at one stop.

Here I am with Becky as we entertain ourselves at the Manitoba welcome center.

Southern Manitoba is flatter than South Dakota! But, they grow canola which was flowering beautifully when we drove through!

Each mission field had a display area. This is the Japan display with those who put it together while the rest of us talked to our neighbors:)

I spent an afternoon at a local park with my friend Rosemarie. We looked at sculptures and ate cherries while she told me about her life in Germany during WWII.

Even though the temps were low and it rained often, we had a good time. I am looking forward to seeing many of you again as I visit your churches. The biggest challenge is that when I visit churches everyone doesn't wear name tags like at Triennial. Be sure to remind me of your name when I visit your church, please!

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