Monday, April 23, 2007

Walking in Osaka

Today I went into Osaka City to get a re-entry permit and to try to cash a check that someone sent me from Canada. It started out cloudy threatening rain but turned out nice and sunny.
First, I went to the bank. I found out that it is basically useless to send me a check to Japan. A very sweet lady from Canada went to her bank and had a check made out to me-with my name mispelled-in Japanese yen. The kind lady who spoke barely above a whisper at the bank told me that you have to have an account there even though that is the sister bank that issued the check. SInce I don't have a bank account at any bank in Japan I guess I will have to send it back! That was my first adventure of the day.
Next, I walked through the rose garden since I was right by it. Most of the plants were not flowering yet, but I am sure it will be beautiful soon! I had lunch at an English Tea Room that was really yummy. Then since I still had a lot of time I decided to walk from the place I had lunch to the immigration office. It ended up being a nice 40 minute walk.
The time at the immigration office was uneventful. I filled out the paper work and they gave me my re-entry permit. Since I am a registered alien in Japan I have to get a re-entry permit before I can leave and come back.
On my walk back to the station I went through a crowded shopping area just to look around. Suddenly a Japanese guy started talking to me in English. He is a volunteer tour guide for Osaka. Well, he volunteers his service to people and then hopes they pay him, I think is how it goes. He called himself a Bohemian artist-he is a photographer. When he found out I live in Japan he realized he wasn't going to get a job but we started talking about what I do in Japan. He was surprised to hear I am a missionary and told me he reads the Bible. He especially likes the Gospels. It was an interesting conversation. But, he wasn't interested in finding out more about Christianity because he thinks it can't work with being in business. We know that God's Word doesn't go out and come back void so...


Melody said...

Hi Shan! I am enjoying your blog posts so far and have now added you to my list of "favorites." That is so interesting about the man who thinks that Christian faith and business cannot intermingle...because we are to be LIGHT everywhere we or play, right? How neat that you could share with him. Love ya, Melody

lalachan said...

Yeah Shan!!! Welcome to blogging!!! I'm excited for your posts. I'm trying to be better about posting myself....maybe once a week...



Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!
Lovin' the blog Shan. =]
Sorry to hear about the check incident.