Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Welcome to my new place! This is the entrance, just waiting for your arrival.

I have already been blessed by my new place. Every morning I sit and look out the windows at the mountains as I talk to God and have breakfast. Being on the 9th floor has its advantages!

A couple of days ago I met a lady who lives in my building. She and her family lived in NJ for five years and just returned last summer. Her daughter is in 6th grade. Mrs. Sasaki is excited to introduce me to her daughter. She is also looking forward to having lunch together. She said that when she saw my name on my post box she was wondering how she could meet me!

On my floor in my section of the building there are three units. The family in 901 seems very nice. Every time I see Mrs. Tanaka she tells me to ring the bell and come in for tea any time. I am looking forward to doing that soon!

This week Melissa and I took a road trip to Ikea. We had a good time looking at dining room tables and trying out the chairs. I found a table and chairs I liked. I went with the mix and match set:)

So, now that all the boxes are put away and I have a table, when do you want to come visit?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Missing Time

Between packing to move back over the ocean, moving back over the ocean, and unpacking a new apartment on this side of the ocean, I have missed posting about a few events that have taken place over the past month. Since I have a few minutes and am at church using the internet, I thought I'd do a quick update...

A visit to Madison, WI to visit aunt, uncle, cousins and the cousins' children...

A going away party with friends from church-a great evening of fun and entertainment!

Palm Sunday

Final evening with the Bible study group...

Climbing Grandma and Grandpa's tree with the Jones children

Home for Easter

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Life keeps moving on, doesn't it?! I have spent most of the time I have been back unpacking boxes and trying to find a place to put everything in my new place. It has been a lot of fun. I am just about finished. Tomorrow Paul is going to come see if he can figure out why the faucet to my washing machine is spraying water everywhere. I guess it is about time to get a cell phone and get the internet connected at my place.

And, while all of this is going on, I have had chances to reconnect with friends, go to church and attend Gospel choir. We are having a concert in July so have started practicing for that. We also have some new members who I am excited to get to know.

As I spend time trying to get everything unpacked I sort of wonder how long it will be until I am packing again. Then I am reminded...
"This world is not my home, I just passing through..."
Do you think I will get to live in the same mansion for all of eternity?!

(I know this is not some of my most stimulating writing, just wanted to give you a quick update before I am away from the internet for another day or so again!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Safely

I arrived safely back in Japan on April 2nd. My flights and transfers all went smoothly. I got to sit on the aisle in every plane and stretch my legs out into everyone's path. The only problem was listening to my movie and my neighbor's movie at the same time. Four of my friends from choir came to pick me up and one even made curry rice for me-which lasted until today!

We had a great day celebrating the resurrection on Sunday. In the morning I got to celebrate with the Kongo Bible Church where everyone warmly welcomed me with hugs and handshakes and lots of smiles. In the afternoon we celebrated at Komyo Christian Church where a new couple came because of a flier they had received!

I had a pleasant surprise on my first morning when I went for a run. The running path by the river has been much improved and they are building a new bridge-can't wait to find out where it leads to! Of course, with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, it was a beautiful run.

The number of unpacked boxes in my condo is slowly decreasing, well, the full ones. Now I just have a a pile of empty, broken down boxes. It has been fun to open up boxes and remember my things and the people who gave them to me and then decide where to put them.

Friday will be the first gospel choir rehearsal of the new year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!